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January 18, 2016 / cmfletcher


Sunday morning at 8 am we left Petra, drove to Amman, caught an Etihad (national airline of the United Arab Emirates) flight to Abu Dhabi, and then another Etihad flight to Melbourne. That left at 10:30 Sunday night. We arrived in Melbourne at 7 pm Monday evening after a 13 hour flight. Confused doesn’t begin to describe my state at the moment.


View from Park Royal Hotel

Peter and I decided to eat on the plane, sleep, and wake up after a reasonable time so that when we arrived in Melbourne we would be a little bit on schedule. Good plan, I especially liked the starry night ceiling lights in the plane!

Melbourne customs and immigration was a breeze, insert your electronic passport, follow the screen, and walk through till customs. Our hotel is right on the airport site, we walked over. Delicious Australian wine and a bar snack and we are ready to repack for summer not winter. Our room is remarkably silent considering we are on the airport property. Tomorrow we go to the Santamaria’s who are hosting us for our stay in Melbourne.

I think one of the advantages or benefits of traveling is realizing how little I know about much of anything. Reading newspapers from Jordan and the Gulf States gives a new perspective to current events. The historical sites make me realize how little I learned and how very little I remember from my history courses. And, of course, not understanding the languages and being around people who routinely speak 4 languages (English, Armenian, Hebrew and Arabic for example, like our driver Jack) is very humbling. So far my catch up reading list includes a history of Jerusalem, a biography of Elizabeth of Austria, a history of Venice, and Australian literature. Ignorance is definitely not bliss.

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