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January 23, 2016 / cmfletcher

Uluru and us

122Uluruand us

Equipped for the Bush

We made it to the Ayer’s Rock Resort yesterday, and while we were getting ready for our special dinner and stargazing event, the clouds gathered, thunder sounded, and sure enough, the dinner and event was cancelled.

No worries! We had a lovely dinner at another hotel in the park, and decided to walk to the lookout for Uluru. We started out after breakfast without water or our bug nets. Bad mistake. The coach driver told us never to go out without water and to plan to drink 1 Litre an hour. He also said that a bug net would make activities much more enjoyable. Well, we did the experiment and by gum (Aussie pun!!) he was right. The flies are always trying to occupy the face. So back we went to get the water and nets and tried again.

Beautiful, impressive as was the other sacred mountain.122 other sacred mountain

The park offers all kinds of tours, motorcycles, camels, buses at dawn. I found the heat oppressive, and realized I believed Bill Bryson –Australia wants to kill you. I am not into bugs and reptiles, so our 24 hours in the place was enough for me.

We had spent a full day in total, traveling there and then on to Cairns, but it was worth it to see the Bush.122Uluru and bush

The drive from Cairns to Port Douglas was as the sun was setting behind the mountains and a full moon was rising over the Pacific. It was magical. Our apartment in Port Douglas is in the middle of town, but manages to be very quiet. Tomorrow the Reef, can’t wait.

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  1. Alex / Jan 24 2016 4:15 am

    Hi Dr. Fletcher,

    I’ve really enjoyed reading about your travels.

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