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January 29, 2016 / cmfletcher

Architecture and relics

The weather forecast was horrible, so we prioritized seeing the Sydney Opera House. It was so worth while. Circular Quay is beautiful, and the tour was very informative. The tour guide was very dramatic, half-way through Fletcher whispers to me “the costume designer from The Incredibles” and he was exactly right.

The Harbour Bridge had people walking over it! We found out it required safety harnesses and decided against it. You might be able to see them near the flags in the photo.

The guide showed us a reflection of the Harbour Bridge in the glass of the Opera House. Also we saw the tiles which are white reflective and cream matte so that in the bright summer sunshine, people aren’t blinded by the building.

After that we walked through the gardens and up through town to the Anzac memorial to the soldiers of Australia and New Zealand who died in World War I then on to St Mary’s Cathedral.

There we found two amazing relics: one of Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman, and one from St Francis Xavier. It was such a gift.

We attended Mass and then had lunch with Father Brendan Purcell, now serving at the Cathedral. He taught philosophy at University College Dublin for many years. He was such fun, and so knowledgeable, even if he almost got us killed crossing an intersection.

After lunch we went to the New South Wales Art Museum and saw a show called The Greats: the best paintings from the Scottish museums. Really interesting and enjoyable.

Dinner at the Darling Harbor again. Tomorrow if the weather cooperates, we are going to take the ferry from Circular Quay to Manley.


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