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January 31, 2016 / cmfletcher

Sydney to Auckland

Saturday was our last day in Sydney. The weather was iffy, but luckily it cleared up around 10 and we made it on the ferry to see Sydney Harbor and Manley beach. Joseph Santamaria told us to avoid the tourist “harbor cruises” and take the public transport ferry to Manley. Great advice. it cost us $15.70 Australian  for a round trip ticket and we saw everything!

If we had more time we would have taken the public ferry to Palmetto – the western suburbs of Sydney.

How cool it would  be to live in a place where public transportation takes you to an outstanding beach for a day or an afternoon!  Lots of surfers.130Manley Beach

We went back to the hotel, and started washing — we had a laundry unit in our apartment– and catching up on work. Around 5:30 the heavens darkened, thunder rolled, and the skies opened with pouring rain. This continued for several hours. Meanwhile in Melbourne, Serena Williams was having a really bad night.

Sunday morning and we were on the road bright and early to get to our flight to Auckland, New Zealand. We had a bit of trouble, because the GPS couldn’t find the satellites, and we didn’t have a clear idea of where we needed to go, NOT a good combination. However, we made it and had plenty of time in the airport — all flights were delayed because of fog. So we woke up at 6 am and got to Auckland airport around 6:30 pm.

The highlight of the day was the Air New Zealand safety video. They had hired world-class surfers to do the thing — at one point three of them are sitting on the beach in typical beach chairs when the air masks drop from who knows where. Lots of footage of great surfing while the safety info is being spoken. My favorite was the surfer dude who actually pulled the red cords and inflated the life vest – I always wanted to see that.

Tomorrow is Auckland day — and tonight there were fireworks over the harbor — I feel special, I wish I could say I knew about these holidays and planned it, but no! Just luck.


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