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February 1, 2016 / cmfletcher


Here we are in Auckland, in the Hilton, which is built on a wharf. You can see the pool in the photo above, in the bridge between the two parts. Behind it is the Sky Tower, our first tourist sight. It has glass floors!! Wonderful, face those fears of heights!

We walked around the city and saw an amazing vertical garden around pillars.21Vertical Gardens

We came back to the harbor for a harbor tour. Love being out on open water.

The tour covered most major sights, including Rangitoto Island, the result of a volcanic eruption 600 years ago.

We came back under the harbor bridge so we could see the bridge walkers and also the platform to bungee jump from — sadly (HA!) it wasn’t offering jumps today, so we missed our chance. The bridge was flying the current NZ flag (with the Union Jack) and the proposed new flag (with the fern leaf).

One of the people on the harbor cruise told me she was on the big Princess cruise ship that was docked on the wharf next to us, and that they were leaving at 5 pm. So we made sure to be on the dock to watch that. No tugs! Just back it out, after giving 3 big hoots, and steam off. Speaking of steam, we saw a real steamboat, one of the heritage ships that sail from the Maritime Museum.

Watching the cruise ship back out and take off for the two day voyage to Australia was really a neat end to our day as tourists.


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