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February 10, 2016 / cmfletcher

Weird Ash Wednesday

We had made a command decision before we left that Lent wouldn’t begin until we get home. It still felt a little weird to be somewhere where no one paid any attention to the day, and no one had ashes on their head.

So we went whole hog and did a wine tour of this region. It was run by one guy, CJ, who took us to local small vineyards where he knew the owners and may have worked in the vineyard. CJ was a native Kiwi, and clearly loved his home. One of the best sights was a rugby ball made out of grape vines in celebration of the 2011 world cup of Rugby, won by New Zealand’s All Blacks. The vineyard had actually named one of their Chardonay’s Big Balls Chardonay, but had decided to discontinue that label.

The day was a lot of fun, we had two Australians from the gold mining community in the west of Australia, one Canadian, two ex-pat Brits who now live in Sydney and their parents who still live in the UK. With us it made a good group.

We started at the lookout over the Tasmen Bay — beautiful. The weather was georgeous and altogether a fun day.

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