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February 13, 2016 / cmfletcher


213View frm apartment

Lake Wakatipu from our apartment

Today was another traveling day, from the west coast through the Southern Alps to the town of Queensland, the adventure capital of New Zealand. This is where bungee jumping was invented, and since that is too tame, they now have a canyon swing that is unbelievable, and other ways of trying to get your adrenaline pumping. Being boring old fogies we booked a wine tour.

213tree hugging

Tree hugging is serious here!

Most of the accommodation in town seems to be apartment rentals, rather than straight hotel rooms. This, of course, excludes the numerous backpacker hostels.

213Sunset over Lake wakatipu

Lake Wakatipu at sunset

Lake Wakatipu is just beautiful, as the view from our hotel shows. New Zealand is an amazingly unspoiled land with incredible mountain vistas, clear lakes, pastoral landscapes and great forests. The tourist dilemma comes back: I love seeing this, but I don’t want too many people to come here. Yet New Zealand needs the tourists for their economy. And everything that involves getting people to spend money is now in English and Chinese. When I get back to Benedictine University, I want to talk to the Chinese language instructors about getting our students placed over here.

We went to the Vigil Mass at the local parish, great experience. It is one of those things that turns a tour into a real visit to a town or area. The pastor gave a good homily on the temptations of Christ, lots to think about.

I can’t believe our visit to New Zealand is almost done. I am so glad we came here.

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