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February 14, 2016 / cmfletcher

Day of wine and roses

Today was our last wine tour in New Zealand, and for this trip. This area is called the Central Otago region and is famous for Pinot Noir. We had a good group, couples form England, Canada, California and ourselves. Our guide’s full time job is selling for the wineries, so he really knew his stuff.

We started at the Peregrine Winery, the winery was an old sheep station and the buildings have been transformed. The cellar door (tasting room) has a roof that is reminscent of the flight of the Peregrine Falcon, a native NZ bird. The vineyard owner is active in charities protecting NZ wildlife.

We went up to the Carrick Winery for lunch and a glass of their wine which was excellent and then on to the Domain Road winery, a very small family operation. The tasting guide told us that the roses are planted at the end of the rows to alert the keepers of the vineyard of any plant diseases that might affect the vines. The roses will show the signs first, to give warning.

We finished the day at the Waitiri Creek winery which has its tasting room in a repurposed Presbyterian church. The owner asked us to toast news that her first grandchild was on the way! Hooray!

214Roaring Meg.jpg

Roaring Meg –  Korotio

On our way back to town we stopped at the Kawarau River Gorge where there is a hydroelectric plant named Roaring Meg — in Maori Korotio So Fletcher got me back for Grumpy Old Man (Korotiotio)! The dead trees you see in the background were purposely killed as they are not a native species and disrupt the ecosystem for the native plants.

Great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

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