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February 18, 2016 / cmfletcher

Pearl Harbor

Seeing Pearl Harbor was one of the main reasons we came to Honolulu. We were so disappointed, then, to discover that we were too late to book a tour of the USS Arizona Memorial (the white building above) which is erected above the still sunken ship. To see it you need to get a ticket. We certainly weren’t going to get up at 5 am to be out at the national park to try to get day tickets when the window opens at 6 am, and the commercial operators’ day tours were sold out. So, we decided that seeing the harbor itself and the visitors center was still worth a trip.

Not for us the air-conditioned tour bus, no sir! We are on THEBUS -that’s what the Honolulu buses are called. So off we go, packed like sardines, but we finally, 1 hr and 20 minutes later, get to the memorial park; and along the way we see lots of Honolulu and lots of residents who are riding the bus. (It costs $2.50 a ticket).

No entry with a bag or back pack, so off to that building before we enter. We get in and the first sight we see is a big sign saying that all trips out to the USS Arizona memorial are cancelled due to high wind. Irony.

217Tree of life

Tree of Life sculpture

The park itself is very well laid out and free. There are lots of explanatory signs, videos from Americans and Japanese with their memories of the day. The internment of the Japanese in the US was covered. The only quibble I had was that there was NO mention of British war efforts in the Pacific. Really?? We can’t mention our allies?? Ah well.

It will be the 75th anniversary this December 7th. Hard to believe.

217Spot Princess yacht

Princess yachts have dark blue hulls.

On our way home we walked around Waikiki and looked at the boats in the harbor — we play spot the Princess yacht — we found one!

Here’s why people come here — the beautiful sunsets and general wonderfulness of Hawaii! We loved our time here in Honolulu and are looking forward to the other places we will be visiting. Also getting sad to realize that the trip is almost over!

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