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February 21, 2016 / cmfletcher

Volcanoes to Maui

The morning of the 19th we woke up to a beautiful sunny day! We could clearly see the crater from our room, and decided t0 get moving and hike to the Jagger museum. It changed my mind about the out of doors. Given enough bug repellent and proper clothing, the outdoors can be magical.

We were some of the first on the trail, and enjoyed seeing the rain forest, and getting pictures of the things we had seen on our wet walk.

We also traveled t0 Maui, and arrived in the dark. We have a room with a lanai that I am currently sitting on, listening to the 0cean, Great! I am sitting here because there isn’t a desk and chair in the room. BAD!

Never mind. Today was whale watching with the Pacific Whale Foundation and then a luau at the Old Lahaina luau which the guidebooks call the most authentic. Great day ! We went out on a catamaran, and within 20 minutes spotted a group of whales – the guide  said they were competing for a female’s affections; whatever, it was spectacular. Very hard to ph0t0graph.

We saw whales slapping their flippers, whales breaching, slapping their tales, literally everything anyone c0uld ask f0r. At the end Captain John said let’s go look for baby whales and we saw one with its mother. Magical!

Tonight at the Old Lahaina Luau we were welcomed with leis and Mai Tais, and displays of traditional Hawaiian crafts. I got to try hula dancing.

The show traced the hula from the Polynesian invaders through the missionaries  trying to suppress it, to the 1960s versions, and finished with the Tahitian dancing. Great night, really special.

We saw the pit that cooked the pig, and watched them uncover it. I think several people turned vegetarian on the spot.

The dancing was amazing, both men and women. The entire show was really based in Hawaiian culture, great to see it preserved.


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