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February 22, 2016 / cmfletcher


221beachSunday, Sabbath, day of rest. This is easy to do in Hawaii. This morning’s sermon at Maria Lanakila (Our Lady of Victory) began, “Believe it or not, there is someplace better than Hawaii.” Great line to begin a sermon on the Transfiguration.

I have trouble with rest. I like activity; it makes me seem important and of use. Rest is hard because it is a letting go or stepping aside and admitting that the whole world will go on spinning with out me.

Distinguishing good rest from time wasting is hard too. Rest, I think, means laying aside the agenda and tuning in to what is around me, nature, people, whatever.  One of the important things I have learned this sabbatical is the truth of the Benedictine Hallmark about living a life in  balance.

Wasting time . . .  well, how many games of Spider Solitaire before I cross the line from rest into time wasting?

Today has been a day of sunshine and showers here. During the sunny periods we went out to sit and watch the ocean. I love the sound of the surf, it is like listening to the planet breathe.

Now that’s rest.

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