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February 23, 2016 / cmfletcher


222pineapple tourists2Enough with the resting, if you are a tourist you must tour! So we went on the Maui Pineapple Tour. We got there on Fletcher time, i.e. very early, so we had time to visit Makai Glass Maui and see them working. Beautiful, beautiful pieces. One sea turtle piece which I loved was $12,000 and they sell several each year. Good for them.

I love watching artists work. The glassblower was working on a glass conch shell. Amazing. What talent to understand the material, and work from idea to 3-dimensional object.

Then off on the bus to the pineapple fields. Maui Gold pineapples are sold in Hawaii and on the West Coast of America. If you live in Chicago, you have to order on line ad have them Fedexed to you. They stay on the plant longer so are sweeter than the Dole pineapples in our stores in the East and Midwest.

We saw baby pineapples with the individual flowers, medium sized pineapples and  precocious pineapples (they ripen extra early), and learned all kinds of tips for buying, storing and eating pineapple. We stood around in the field while Steve, the guide, chopped up various pineapples for us to taste.

We had booked lunch as well at the Hali’imaile General Store, which was across the street. The chef, a woman, has won all kinds of awards. After we tasted her recipes, we knew why.

We had plenty of time to admire Maui’s scenery on our way home. Traffic is very heavy and the roads are small.

The surf has been very heavy all day. I woke up to the thunder of the waves- the planet isn’t breathing, it is roaring today. The hotel put up a chain saying the beach is closed because of dangerous shore-break waves. Did that stop people from going in? Of course not. I was amazed no one broke their necks the way the waves picked them up and threw them on the sand.  Respect the ocean!

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