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March 1, 2016 / cmfletcher


Cleverly, we planned the last stop of the trip to be a visit to our friends in Seattle. Good move, it isn’t hard to leave Hawaii when you are looking forward to seeing people you love.

We had a sunny day! And used it to see the Museum of Flight. How courageous or foolhardy the pioneers of flight must have been. We each enjoyed something, either seeing the fantastic wood planes, or enjoying the WWII exhibit, or the space exhibit. The museum gives you an experience of the full history of aviation.

I particularly enjoyed going through Air Force One from the days of Eisenhower and Kennedy. Modern, state of the art communications!

We ended the day in West Seattle, which has a wonderful beach and walkway along the Sound. Perfect end to an unbelievably wonderful trip. Back to reality.

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  1. Shreea / Mar 2 2016 4:07 pm

    Hope you’re enjoying being home! If you aren’t fed up of blogging, it would be great to read a round-up post on what you enjoyed most/least, expectations met/not met, what will stay with you, etc.

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